Co-Founder and creative director of THE BUILDING

As creative director, Rachel knows how important innovation and renewal is within the hair profession. Her expertise is cutting exquisite haircuts specialized towards curly hair types.

“For me, hair is a true and beautiful art-form. I get the most satisfaction out of creating a haircut and hairstyle that best reflects the personality of my clients”.


Co-Founder of THE BUILDING

Estella, co-founder and colour specialist of The Building, has a passion for entrepreneurship and hairstyling, which has been strengthened in recent years by the growth of The Building. “

“I think it’s important to ‘read’ hair, so I pay close attention to the texture of the hair, the way the hair moves and the shape of the face. I like to make hair lively and gorgeous, where the colour matches smoothly and gives an extra dimension to the hair. That’s how hair should be”.


Co-Founder of THE BUILDING

Meet the stunning Adriana, one of the co-founders of The Building. Adriana is responsible for the daily operations, making sure everything runs smoothly within the salon. Known for her cutting edge style and knowledge in hair extensions, she is easily one of the best hairdressers in town!

“My strength lies in accentuating the characteristics of a customer. I look at the face and appearance of a person and listen carefully to their wishes. Every day, my goal is to make people feel happy and beautiful after they received my treatment”.


Chanel is part of the management team and trains our hairstylist in house, to make sure everyone delivers The Building’s high quality standards. Chanel is a true queen when it comes to transforming brunettes into blondes, and she has a wide range of entrepreneurial and a-list customers.

‘Blowouts and styling are my biggest passions. Whether it’s that bombshell blowout you’re looking for or just want to look like a million bucks’.


Yelena is a queen in classic colour techniques and great in high lights. With Spanish being her mother tongue she has a great portfolio of Spanish-speaking clients. She is a real perfectionist and makes sure you leave the salon in full glam.

‘Ever since I was a little girl it was my dream to become a flight attendant but I am so happy I ended up as a hairstylist. For me, good hair is the crown you never take off. If I could give any piece of advice then it would be to invest in a good hair oil as it improves and protects your hair.’


Meet our amazing and experienced hairstylist as well as salon manager, Melissa. Melissa has been part of the building family for more than 5 years. She is your go-to pro for colour corrections. Being the colour and extension expert at The Building, she always knows the right solution for your hair.

“Looking for a complete make-over or just a spiced up version of your current hairdo? Melissa is your girl’.


Frankie has a great eye for detail and great talent for cutting, colouring and styling your hair. Her expertise is to make you leave the salon feeling special, pretty and most of all happy with the new cut. 

‘The most fun part about my job is making people feel prettier, more confident and happy with their new hair! I think this makes our job quite special.’


Shae is your go-to girl for highlights and colouring techniques. She is a real perfectionist and a great listener. Her expertise is doing total hair make-overs. 

‘I think the most fun part about being a hairstylist is having conversations with a lot of different and new people every day and making people feel beautiful. I also love giving people a makeover to turn them from a brunette into a blondie and vice versa.’


Constantine came all the way from Belgium to join our team. Her true expertise is styling, and volume is everything to her. She strives to give her customers the best result possible, a playful and picture-perfect blow dry. Besides styling, she is also very skilled in delivering professional hair-cuts as well as beautiful hair colours. 

‘Getting your hair done is like taking a mini holiday’. As a hairdresser, I want to offer my customers an unforgettable visit by offering them a listening ear in addition to beautiful work’.